Concrecions a la polèmica ceremònia cel·lebrada per l'Ordre Estricte Observança del Temple el dissabte 15 de Març a Juverry

General Assembly of the G.L.A

The Grand Lodge of Andorra informs all members and the representatives from others Regular Constitutions in amity, about the “General Assembly” and the “Annual Meeting, which are held in the Principality of Andorra on  the first saturday of June.
We will give you the detailed program shortly.

The President of Andorra visits G.L.A

The 30th of march 2009, the President of Andorra, Albert Pintat, came to visit G.L.A. During his stay, he spoke about the actual andorran situation inside Europe and made an historic speach about the past relations between Andorra and Europe. There were lot of poeple, very intested about.

At the end, the Grand Master, Antoni d'Ortadó, gave a commemorative present of this particular event.

Prize 2009

We are pleased to announce that the Gala Dinner of the Grand Lodge of Andorra will be held on 30th May 2009 at the "Sport Village Hotel", Soldeu. At this event the Grand Master will be pleased to present the Prize Edition of the Grand Lodge of Andorra. The Prize is awarded in two categories, viz.: the Individual Prize to a Brother who has exhibited exemplary Masonic behaviour either at a particular moment or throughout his life, and a Collective Prize to a Lodge. This will be the second year of these awards following their successful introduction in 2008.

Collective Prize 2008

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